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Author: Sabine Main
Photographer: Various sources
5 years ago
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The climate is changing, as should our attitude towards how we consume and cause waste.

Making headway are green products made from hemp and bamboo, while the Three R’s—reduce, reuse, and recycle—are an essential combination that most homeowners have implemented and will continue to do so for years. Green Envy is a great place to help you convert to a greener lifestyle. Find them on Facebook @greenenvywindsoressex.

Another great local online resource to find out how you can play your part is the Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority at www.ewswa.org


KALAMKARI is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile produced in parts of India and in Iran. This art of painting and printing on fabric is a traditional method using religious symbols, resulting in stunning prints. Natural colours, like indigo, mustard, and ivy green make the intricate patterns and motifs. The results mimic handmade quality through pure colours and natural patterns of ancient scrolls, chariot banners, and temple hangings depicting deities. Keep on the lookout for this motif in patterns and fabrics in fashion and home décor.


The world is celebrating technology that makes our lives easier and advances that are redefining our lives. Tech is reinventing itself and capturing our everyday. Unlike AI, which tends to cheapen our day-to-day life—think of all those times Amazon recommended a book to you or Netflix suggested a film or TV show—everyday futurism is about the automation revolution. From biometric modality of fingerprint technology to face recognition to robotic processing automation and e-sports, the world of tech is in the limelight, full of imagination and excitement, and we get to watch it unfold. Look around you—how much have you embraced the futurism of tech?

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