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3 Trends to watch

The border city living team local trends for August
Author: Deidre Ritsche
6 years ago
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Contrary to many early predictions, L.A. continues its rise as a legitimate fashion hub—even New Yorkers are warming to the easygoing, sunny West Coast vibe, with more relaxed fits and effortless style. When in search of anything denim, floral or fuchsia, turn to Walkerville’s newest boutique, The Weekend. With new shipments weekly, their racks are full of Kardashian-esque streetwear and other curated accessories perfectly designed for the Hollywood Hills.



What began as an effort to save money has become one of the hottest trends in interior design. Instead of hiding construction materials above dropped ceilings and within extra walls, exposed industrial elements—duct work, wiring, beams—allow for a more open concept, giving the illusion of more space. When converting a loft or apartment, repurposing found materials can add an attractive nod towards the past life of a building.



The conversation has recently shifted when it comes to categorizing one of our region’s favourite libations. Geology, not grapes, seems to be this year’s must-know with the who’s who when it comes to choosing a wine. Of the 14 elements that are essential for any vine to grow, most of them originate in the ground, leaving scientists and wine connoisseurs debating if subtle differences in a region’s soil can be tasted in the finished product.

wine pour

Photography by: Emma Davidson

(The Border City Living Team)


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