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A better, more successful you

Michael Keirl is here to help with Infinite.Paradigm.Solutions
Author: Devan Mighton
Photographer: Trevor Booth
1 year ago
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What is the best way to achieve your goals? How do you become successful? Where, inside, do you find your peak potential? Through his business, Infinite.Paradigm.Solutions, Michael Keirl mentors individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs to motivate them and find success in what they do.

Keirl defines success with a quote from late motivational speaker Earl Nightingale.

“This isn’t my definition, but I’ve adopted it and I believe it,” states Keirl. “‘Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or a worthy ideal.’ It’s moving towards the goal—that’s what success is.”

He offers the analogy of the lead up to Christmas as an example of Nightingale’s ideation.

“A lot of the time, we find ourselves happiest as we’re moving towards the goal—it’s like Christmas. People are excited for Christmas and then Christmas afternoon—well, it’s already been Christmas. It’s the build up, moving towards it—it’s the journey—and it’s setting a big goal that might scare you a little bit. You don’t know how you’re going to do it, but you believe you can.”

Keirl explains that many people reach a point where they feel stuck. “We’re always trying to reach higher, and then we often hit a plateau and we’re not able to move through it—and we wonder why that is,” says Keirl. “There’s so many distractions and so many things around us always trying to grab our attention, that move us away from the things we’re trying to achieve. People seem to get stuck and can’t move past a certain level or they’re unable to achieve some of the goals and the things they’re trying to do and they don’t know why they can’t figure it out.”

Through Infinite.Paradigm.Solutions, Keirl guides people through a process of discovery where they can learn to better apply ideas and concepts that, deep down, they already know and what they need to do to achieve their goals.

“The biggest thing that stops people is what we call the Thinking-Knowing Gap,” explains Keirl. “We know what we should be doing, but generally we don’t and it comes down to habits.”

A consultant of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, co-founded by Canadian self-help author Bob Proctor, Keirl offers a variety of different types of coaching and consultation for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

“I facilitate a process that Bob has created,” states Keirl. “Bob was a master of disinformation and studied it like a scientist for 60-plus years. He is a master of moving people into action and the application of solid success principles.”

Keirl found the teachings of Proctor in his own search for betterment. Reading books by self-help gurus and not finding the results he hoped for, he came across Proctor and found instant improvement.

“Bob’s a teacher; he’s the master,” he explains. “He’s done it for so long, but I have my study routine, just like Bob did, learning everyday, that’s part of it. The learning part is very important, but then it’s the application which is the difference. You start applying it to what you’re trying to do and the goals that you’re trying to achieve—that is what I find is the difference between what Bob was sharing and a lot of the things I see out there.”

“We can go through our entire school system and learn very little about ourselves. School takes care, piling up the knowledge, and this is very important—I believe in a good education—but it’s the doing part that gives us our results in life. Most people are doing things they don’t want to do, giving them results they don’t want and, yet, they do them anyway—why is that?”

Keirl has applied Proctor’s philosophies to his everyday life and his work. His other business, AudioTwo, specializes in high fidelity audio. Offering solutions in two-channel equipment, turntables, streaming solutions, and equipment from entry level to high end.

“I have solutions that are $1,000 or over $100,000, it just depends on what someone’s looking for,” says Keirl.

Having purchased the company in May 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he worked hard to achieve goals and milestones with his business to keep it growing and thriving through shutdowns and lockdowns.

“Doing it through COVID, we ignored what was going on, and just made it happen,” he says. “This year’s been pretty good.”

Keirl says accountability is key and likens it to a “success insurance policy”.

“I use the same process to achieve my own goals and have shared it with my family,” he explains. “My daughter has become exceptionally good at it. She writes her own report card at the beginning of the year and works towards the goal everyday. No pressure—she knows what she wants and gets busy doing it—she has built the habit.”

Keirl adds that if you look around, you will see many people who are successful, and you don’t understand how they accomplished this. Many of these people probably couldn’t tell you how they achieved their success—they just have successful habits.

“It can be developed—anybody can achieve a goal that they really want to do, it’s just building the habits of achieving that goal,” states Keirl. “If you knew how to do it, you’d already be doing it. The challenge is discovering what you need to do to achieve the goal and that’s what stops most people.”

“It’s never too late to start,” he adds. “Life can be a marvellous trip. If it’s been rough to this point—that’s okay, it’s the past, it can’t be changed. Write out the old image with all its unpleasantness on a piece of paper. Get a steel bowl and then burn it—it’s done and refuse to let it control you anymore. Then, write how you want it to be, think, and focus on that. You will get ideas, write them down. pick just one and start working on it.

“Success is moving towards the ideal—if you are moving towards it, you are a success.”

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