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Bringing Comfort to our Community: 25 Years of Transition to Betterness

Author: Alley L. Biniarz
Photographer: Zishan Ali
1 year ago
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25 years ago, Transition 2 Betterness (T2B) started with a simple vision of refurbishing two oncology rooms in hopes to bring a warm and comforting space to families and their patients. Since then, the organization has expanded their programs across all Windsor-Essex hospitals to help bridge the gap between hospital and home.

“Our unique programs provide those tangible items, so patients and their families feel more at home; this distinguishes the work of T2B,” Executive Director Amber Hunter says. “As a result, our programs have impacted thousands of members within the community on an annual basis.”

As a grassroots charitable organization, T2B is dedicated to providing comfort to those impacted by a life-altering illness and has had the opportunity to give back to the community with over 20 ongoing comfort-based programs such as the T2B Comfort Cart, Art and Music Therapy Program, T2B Comfort Blankets, The Dr. Michelle Prince Comfort Care Tote, and many more programs. “Each time we’ve launched a new program it was founded on the direct need of a patient or family to help provide comfort along their journey,” Amber adds.

Even though T2B is a grassroots organization, they are not afraid to take on a larger-scale project and grow its mission of comfort in their community. When they are presented with a venture, the team quickly embraces the idea and jumps in full swing to get it done. The key to providing these tangible improvements in cancer care for the community can be traced to their great relationships with volunteers and donors. 

“For the past 25 years, I have witnessed the power of change. T2B taught me that change happens when people get involved,” Co-Founder Doris Lapico says. “We came together and demanded change in our health care; we had a purpose and made a difference for the people we serve. I had the chance to experience the pride of giving back and the inspiration and drive to be part of something bigger than I could have ever imagined.”

With no government funding, T2B relies solely on the generosity of the local community. All funds raised stay to help support patients and families within our region, which has made impacts socially, economically, and culturally. 

“I am inspired every day by our generous community, our dedicated and selfless volunteers, and the hardworking T2B team. Their commitment has taught me that together we can make a difference in the lives of so many,” Co-Founder Tania Sorge says. “I am proud of how T2B has grown through the years and has become a force of energy that continues to support Windsor-Essex. I am honoured, blessed, and humbled to be just a small part of this movement. I have learned that life is so much more when you have a full heart and live to make the lives of others better.

The team of over 200 volunteers and the working Board of Directors feels like a family; together they work towards providing these essential services to the community. 

 “Windsor-Essex is the most giving community anywhere and that is reflected in every one of our donors and community partners who are involved in our day-to-day from helping us develop programs to executing large events,” Amber Hunter says. “Thank you to our volunteers who are the heart and warmth of our movement; to our staff and working board who operate as a family; to this incredible network who all strive to make the patient experience better and more comfortable. I am grateful to be a part of this incredible community and to lead our T2B family. Together we’ll continue to listen and respond to the needs of our community.”  T2B is the soft side of healthcare and has been a pioneer for social change in the system for 25 years and has no plans of slowing down soon. From a 20-bed palliative unit, and healing garden, located at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, the needs of the community are responded to daily. Amber says that this organization’s backbone is always comfort, to lessen pain or discomfort, and to help provide moral and emotional support to patients and families. “It’s the small subtle gestures that add up to kindness; that is our job to spread.”

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