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Fall Feel: One Piece Three Ways

Cozy up with autumn-ready design inspiration from our favourite local home design experts
Author: Katrina Manzocco
4 years ago
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Bring the outside in this fall.

After the heat of summer, we’re looking forward to cozying up during crisper days and darker nights—the perfect time to reset the mood in our homes.

With each designer incorporating the same Article sectional as the focal point of their fall designs, Windsor’s own David Burman, Jodi Mason, and Tia Hughes show us how to make our spaces autumn-ready.


David Burman is the founder, owner, and operator of Mister Style—the answer to a well-furnished, creatively curated home, whether you’re staging to sell or styling to stay. For those uncertain as to how to attract a home’s best possible buyers, Mister Style offers partial or full home stages designed to highlight the true potential of a space.

Sectional available from Article. Cowhide rug and concrete tables available from UrbanHome. Windsor, pillows, and decorative tree available from HomeSense. Chair available from At Home.

Fall’s darker, moody neutrals—like black, brown, and navy—are present throughout David Burman’s design. According to him, these hues provide an ideal canvas for a great autumn-oriented space.

“The Article sectional we all used is my favourite new piece—it’s modern and the deep, rich leather tones are perfect for the season. It’s an ideal backdrop for layering some of my signature pops of colour to give the room more dimension.”

Adding older, meaningful pieces to a space is an effective way to ground it and introduce a personalized feel—the print behind the sectional is taken from Style HQ’s own head office.

“I loved adding that history of the building once being a bowling alley into the design,” says Burman.

Mixing new textures into a space is one of Burman’s favourite ways to transition a space for cooler seasons—for fall he recommends introducing fur and cowhide elements for added warmth and visual interest. He notes that for those looking to enhance or change the vibe of a space on a budget, smaller touches like luxurious candles and chunky knit throws are an excellent choice.

When it comes to new pieces for fall, Burman suggests saving on the items that can be rotated out through the seasons, including throw pillows, candles, and small accessories, and splurging on pieces that will stay, namely furniture, art, and larger rugs. In search of chic pieces to help to transition your space for fall? Beginning September 1, be sure to visit The Collection—Style HQ’s brand-new sister store—which will offer new, previously staged, and consigned vintage furniture and décor items


Mason is the owner and operator of Urbanhome—a destination for inspired, luxury design services and uniquely chic décor pieces within her shoppable showroom. With a focus on creating fashionable, functional designs, Mason’s leading inspiration for each space is the combination of personalities of the people who will occupy it.

Masculine and warm—yet trendy—is how Jodi Mason describes her design,

“I can absolutely see this as the perfect family room or cozy kickback for a young professional. It’s important that the space was functional and usable, but with tons of personality.”

Sectional available from Article. Central Park Swivel Chair, cowhide rug, toss cushions, marble coffee table, concrete tables, synthetic yellow stems, and artwork available at Urbanhome Windsor.

Mason notes that an easy way to change the mood of a space is through changing its accents.  Inspired by the colours of the season, Mason selected accent hues that complement the richness of the sectional—opting for olive green and coral.

Adding new textiles is another clever way of influencing the feel of a room. Mason is partial to natural elements and suggests jute or rattan for rugs—both of which are multi-season and transition beautifully from summer to fall.

Whether it’s birch poles or real pinecones in a bowl, bringing in accents from the outdoors is another easy way to incorporate an earthy, woodsy, and distinct fall feel. For another affordable, DIY accent, Mason recommends repurposing old books as décor—ripping off the covers to expose raw bindings and wrapping them in twine.

“The bindings can work really well with the other colours in the room—they’re beautiful on shelves, coffee tables, or even stacked to add height to your design.”

Mason’s final tip for capturing the feel of fall: incorporate a seasonal scent within your space.

“Oftentimes people don’t consider scent as part of a design, but it’s a fun, easy way to influence the mood of room—campfire, toasted marshmallow, and tree scents are all gorgeous for the season!”


Drawing on her graphic design background to inform her décor techniques, Tia Hughes applies colour theory and exceptional use of proportion to bring her spaces to life. Tia Hughes Design is centred on creating uniquely beautiful, highly functional interiors and inspired brand identity services for her clients.

Sectional available from Article. Throw pillows, candles, area rug, and coffee table books available at Nomad in Kingsville. Coffee table, floor lamp, and vase available at Style HQ. Artwork, wooden links, and basket available at HomeSense. Throw blanket available at H&M.

Fall’s vibrant colours were the inspiration behind Tia Hughes’s space.

Incorporating warm earth tones and textures, Hughes chose an eclectic mix of handmade pillows from Mexico and Guatemala in various shapes and sizes that give the space a sense of laid-back luxury.

Hughes’s coffee table vignette is composed of candles in a modern silhouette, some wood links, and a vase filled with seasonal wheatgrass—a perfect selection of natural elements to bring the autumn season into this space.

“I am always a huge fan of bringing the outside in, no matter what the season is, and you can find great pieces just about anywhere. The wheatgrass featured in this photo was cut out of the ditch on the side of the road!”

Her colours of choice for the season include anything in rust and olive shades, and texturally, Hughes is a believer in rich, luxe fabrics to add the requisite coziness we all crave during the cooler months.

“Velvet accents are a great choice, and a knit throw is the perfect accessory to layer in for curling up on fall’s rainy days.”

Naturally drawn to the use of organic textures like linen, wood, and leather, Hughes likes to mix modern elements like metals and furniture with clean lines and modern silhouettes into her designs for a fresh feel.

Looking for a great DIY project for your fall-focused space? Hughes has an idea.

“If you follow a lot of interior design accounts on Instagram, @jaci.daily’s found pot DIY has been blowing up all over. Simply choose a pot, lamp, etc., from your home or nearby secondhand store, and paint, sand, and mud to achieve a high-end Restoration Hardware look.”

For more home design inspiration, be sure to keep up with Jodi, David, and Tia on Instagram at @urbanhomewsr, @misterstyleinc, and @tiahughesdesign!

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