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Four TRENDS to watch – Fall 2018

Author: The Drive Magazine
Photographer: The Drive
6 years ago
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Robots are here to stay. Not only do we have companion robots that help us go to sleep while the ever-popular Roomba does our housework, but robots will now also provide entertainment and companionship using today’s changing technology. Honda recently revealed at the Las Vegas tech convention robotic concepts that focus on AI supporting humans while showing compassion through facial expressions – for more


Smart Home Devices have become one of the hottest items on the gift list, even after invasive marketing tactics, as seen with Burger King. In 2018, competition increased from products that can connect to the big three—Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. So what’s in store for 2019? Get ready for technology that supports smart home integration, with a focus on surveillance, data sharing, and customization – for more…


NUT-MILK YOGURT. Poised to be the next big trend. Like almond milk, which went from playing the role of dairy substitute for vegans and the lactose-intolerant to an option so universal that local coffee shops all took notice, now yogurt is the change that’s coming.

Why this major surge? We can point to the millennials who are generally health-conscious and likely to embrace the “nut-milk” as a non-dairy product—and they’re willing to pay for them.


This fall is all about expressive and playful fashion. There is an explosion of colours, shapes, and materials seen on the runways. You’ll see mostly solid plain colours that utilize solid pieces and forms to give an avant-garde, simplistic look and keep silhouettes playful

Orange takes centre stage with winter brights. Yellow glow, chestnut, peacock, bright and soft blue, charcoal greys, and whites are all the latest rage to keep you on trend.

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