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Four Trends To Watch

Author: Jenn McMullan
6 years ago
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Bungee Fit: This year jump into shape with this fun, gravity-defying workout that’s been taking the fitness world by storm. Fly through the air with the combination workout of dance and fitness. Classes now offered at Samyoga, located at 2615 Howard Avenue. Prices and packaging start at $35. https://www.samyogawindsor.com

Fashion: This spring, keep your eye out for a lot of feathers, ostrich and trim details like fringe, said local fashion designer Ana Stulic. To stay trendy for the upcoming season, Stulic said, incorporate a lot of reds, pinks and pastels into your workout look. See more of Ana Stulic.

Float Lakeshore: Float therapy is a powerful tool for muscle recovery, sleep enhancement and mental clarity. Guests float in a solution of Epsom salt and water that allows deep relaxation. Float sessions allow the mind and body to be able to release away from distractions, and to enter a deep meditative state. Float Lakeshore is located on County Road 22 in Belle River. Pricing and membership packaging start at $60. http://floatlakeshore.ca

Neighbourhood to Watch: For the latest hot spots keep an eye on the streets of Ford City, a neighbourhood that is undergoing major renovations. Stay tuned for new businesses, community groups and restaurants, such as The Grand Cantina, a sister restaurant to the popular F&B in Olde Walkerville.

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