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Shades of Braids

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Author: Tracey laForet
6 years ago
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We’re here to chat a little bit about braids and why they are trending

Just as fashion turns over, hairstyles do as well. Expressions, styles and techniques have evolved over the years and in today’s society braids are hotter than ever. People of all ages are getting their hair braided—whether it’s to just get your hair out of your face or for a special event filled with elegance, braids are a beautiful way to complement any occasion.

Braids have been around since the beginning of hair styling and are not only a cultural tradition of people of African descent, but a major component of a pop culture that cuts across racial, economic, social and in many cases, geographic lines. Much like fashion, the history of braids has long since been an indicator of traits such as social status, wealth and religion; braids could be the identifier of a person’s age, marital status, wealth or position.

The art of braiding has evolved beyond the original cultural ideas. In today’s culture braids are adored, worn and praised in many different ways. Men and women who wouldn’t have worn them previously now embrace them. From clean lines to braids that are organic and messy, braids are not just a style, but a form of art. For people with Afro-textures, braids are a form of protective styling, not just for fashion; wearing braids protects natural hair from heat damage and humidity

Today, we see a messier and freer style of braids that don’t have to be tight or perfect. People accept braids to look less perfect, chic and more relaxed but braiding patterns have remained the same. Although different braid styles have been consistently worn throughout time, the trend is hitting hard right now. From Alicia Keys to the Kardashians, celebrities are rocking braids in colourful and unique ways, which is making braided styles more popular than ever.

Whether you’re pulling from past styles, rocking present trends or looking to create the next big thing in braids, one thing is certain: the plait is one style with ultimate staying power.

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