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Style and Sippy Cups

Creating a stylish space with children without compromise.
Author: Mona Elkadri
Photographer: Vicky Bartel
5 years ago
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I’ve gotten the question a lot: “Aren’t you worried your kids are going to destroy that?” Whether we are talking about freshly painted white walls or a brand-new designer rug, here are some ways you can indulge your inner interior designer without the worry of how long it’s going to last. 


Let’s start with white or light-coloured walls. My tool: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. These things are nothing short of amazing and can be used in areas besides just the wall. I love to use mine when tackling tough stains on white countertops and even to help keep white sneakers bright!

The New Rug

Taking the plunge on a new rug? Opt for designs with busy prints and/or a low pile. Low pile is easy to maintain and vacuum vs. a high pile rug, which looks great but, let’s be honest, is a pain to clean. Busy prints are always a win because of their ability to hide spills and accidents.  If you’re like me and you’ve fallen for a gorgeous white rug, try plan B: playmats like the Gathre Mat to protect your carpet during play or meal times. 

Child Locks

Prior to having children, I told myself I wouldn’t drape my cupboards and doors with eyesore child locks. However, real life kicked in and before I knew it I was on the hunt for the most discreet child locks I could find. I found magnetic locks that actually go on the inside of the cabinets! Search “magnetic child locks” on Amazon.


Whether you have a play room or not, toys eventually make their way into the common areas of the home. Try adding large baskets (bonus if they have lids) to your room décor to hold the miscellaneous toys found around the home like spare Legos, stuffed animals, and game pieces. You can also take advantage of spare drawers you might have in pieces of furniture. We use the bottom drawer of our entertainment unit to stash away toys as well. 


I highly recommend investing in a small battery-powered vacuum and you can store it near high-traffic areas. We keep ours close to the kitchen and dining room, so we don’t have to worry when the kids make crumbs or spill their dry snacks.

Mona Elkadri is a lifestyle blogger with a fondness for everyday living and entertaining, from sweet recipes to home décor and DIY, and everything in between.  ohsomona.com

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