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The Job Shoppe Is Recognized for Excellence

Author: Matthew St. Amand
Photographer: Heike Delmore
1 week ago
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The 2024 recipient of the ATHENA Leadership Award, sponsored by Bell, is Meighen Nehme, President of The Job Shoppe, an International Human Resource Firm, which, for the past twenty years, has aided businesses with their most valuable assets—their people. The award was championed twenty years ago by well-known lawyer and community leader, Loretta Stoyka-Henderson, honouring women who are recognized for business and professional excellence, for their community service, as well as mentoring and providing a role model to encourage women to achieve their leadership potential.

“It makes the award that much more meaningful,” Meighen says, “being the twentieth recipient in the year of our twentieth anniversary, connecting skillful candidates and providing them with development and growth with local leading companies.” 

Meighen and The Job Shoppe’s advocacy for job seekers began after her graduation from the University of Windsor where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“After graduation, there was a group of us coming out of our program, looking for jobs,” Meighen explains. “I thought the situation presented a good opportunity to market these classmates to prospective employers, going to businesses, and marketing their candidacy. That’s how I started. From there, the services pivoted to recruiting large groups of candidates, onboarding, and training them.” 

The Job Shoppe met with enough success to continue, but at times, it was an uphill battle.

“I started my business when I was twenty-five, and was starting a family around the same time,” Meighen says. “When The Job Shoppe opened its second location, in London, my first child was six months old, and I had to be away from the household more than I wanted. My husband had to support and fill in. I couldn’t do this without him. I continue growing and learning. As a woman in this space, it can be difficult. It’s male dominated, constantly having to walk into these spaces and prove myself. Thankfully, I have built a great network of clients and staff, and a great reputation.”

She goes on: “Having gone through the economic downturn in 2008 and then the pandemic in 2020, these pivotal events allowed us to adapt quickly, and we learned some invaluable lessons in resilience.”

To say the least.

While building a business, Meighen found time and energy to launch a local not-for-profit organization, Windsor Corporate Challenge, an annual event that involves over one thousand local businesses and organizations that participate in a series of fun and competitive team-building activities. Since its inception, the event has raised over $1.5 million for the Sunshine Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, House of Sophrosyne, Fight like Mason, Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation and Canadian Mental Health Association. In 2024, the vision of the event changed to focus on youth leadership development. 

Meighen was traveling on business when the ATHENA Award committee made its decision that she and the Job Shoppe were the 2024 recipients.

“BEA Chair, Shelby Colarossi, called to inform me that they had record breaking numbers in nominations for this years ATHENA Leadership Award,” Meighen says. “She paused and I remember thinking: ‘Being nominated was an honour itself.’ Then Shelby said that I was the successful recipient!”

Meighen was soon to learn there is only one downside to receiving good news—having to keep it to herself. The award committee requested that she not share the news until they made their formal announcement.

“That was a challenge,” Meighen says with a laugh. “I was so excited, I wanted to tell everyone I knew!”

Loretta Stoyka-Henderson brought Meighen flowers and congratulated her in person.

“It was really heartwarming, particularly hearing Loretta’s story, how she advocated for this award twenty years ago, when some people didn’t see its value,” Meighen says. 

It’s not just success in business that the award committee considered in choosing a recipient. They look at numerous aspects of a business beyond its financial success. The committee evaluated businesses’ and individuals’ efforts helping women reach their full potential. They also looked at community service, accomplishments, projects, and business achievements.

There is no single aspect that explains The Job Shoppe’s success.

“If I had to point to anything, our success is a testament to the strength, intelligence and resilience of the incredible team with whom I have the privilege to work,” Meighen says. “We employ a diverse group of competent individuals.”

They also have organized community events, such as The Job Shoppe’s newest initiative called Disrupt HR.

“It’s a TED Talk-styled information exchange bringing together new local companies, existing companies,” Meighen says. “We felt it was important to have a local information event that allows these companies to network while hearing from industry HR leaders. We had more than two hundred HR leaders at our last event, and it was well-received.”

Meighen is the face of The Job Shoppe, but she is quick to say it’s the whole team who contributed to its success and who earned the 2024 ATHENA Leadership Award. She also expresses gratitude for the love and support of her husband Tony, their three sons and a fierce circle of girlfriends.

“I am deeply humbled to receive the ATHENA Leadership Award,” Meighen says. “This recognition not only validates the dedication among women, but it also inspires me to push forward, reaching new successes and bringing other women right along with me.”

To learn more about all the great work being done at The Job Shoppe, visit them online at www.thejobshoppe.com or connect with Meighen Nehme https://www.linkedin.com/in/meighennehme/

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