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Pottery • Crocheting • Macarons
Author: Sabine Main
Photographer: Various sources
5 years ago
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Ceramics are currently one of the hottest categories in interior design, thanks to a heightened interest in handmade items and the crafting process. Brands and designers are celebrating the hand of the maker, embracing imperfections and artisanal approaches, as consumers are adopting stress comfort philosophies to help with a more balanced life, sustainability, and buying local.



Crocheting & Knitting

The verdict is in: working with your hands mends the soul. Add Crocheting or knitting to your wellness regime and you can elicit the relaxation response using the repetitive motion and focus of needlework. The institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School suggests that the calming, meditation-like state that crocheting and knitting provides can lower your heart rate and blood pressure and decrease stress. The Hook Pusher is your perfect crocheting destination for the New Year: now is a great time to get hooked!



The classic French treat has earned its rightful place on the dessert table of modern showers, parties, and weddings once again. Not only do they taste delish, macarons come in a mouth-watering colour palette that’s fun to coordinate with your party. At Shelby’s Sweet Shop, you will find some of these delectable desserts, along with many others. Shelby Pellow has been baking since she was a toddler and gets her inspiration from some of the world’s best cake designers. What began as a hobby is a thriving business, with nothing but gorgeous and delicious sweets


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