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Art is All Over

Conceptual artist IAIN BAXTER&, Zengeist, &man, shares his singular vision of the world

Why Windsor Essex County Is The Best Place To Live In The Summer.

by Emma Dufault As I have spent my whole childhood in Windsor-Essex County, I have seen and learned a lot about what it’s like during the summer. This, in my opinion, is the ideal location for a summer vacation because of how distinctive small-town life makes it. Being from Belle River, I am aware that […]

Non-verbal Communication in the Courtroom

by Steven Bezaire In life, even though you choose your words carefully, non-verbal communication – such as facial expression, hand gestures, gaze patterns, posture, and body movements – can lose you a poker hand, diminish your chances in a job interview, or even get you convicted by a jury. In a court of law, the […]

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