Your New Hospital Welcome to the first “Special Report” by the Drive

Author: The Drive
Dec 2019
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“Condition Critical” articulates the current state of our hospitals and the campaign to replace them.

We commissioned a team of seasoned journalists to do a “reality check” on the hospital and acute-care in general, giving you the depth and breadth of coverage that has become a rarity in local news. The DRIVE has made this investment because the hospital affects us all, and our families, for generations to come.

Our goal is to Inspire, Inform, Educate and Engage. In this edition, we place a spotlight on the real issues, human issues, surrounding the continued delay and political turmoil of our new hospital.


Dr. Wassim Saad, Chief of Staff at Windsor Regional Hospital describes the current state of our two acute hospitals as just that.

The fact is that we do not have two hospitals; we have two partial hospitals that when put together still have several assets missing to make up a fully functioning, proper care providing healthcare system. They are in a desperate state of decay and the campaign to replace them is at a standstill. It has impeded attempts to introduce cutting-edge and lifesaving technology, raised infection risk, undermined talent recruitment and demoralized staff.

Currently, we are all pawns in a purgatory that we cannot afford. Political influence and a protracted zoning fight have pushed the timetable for a new hospital into uncertain territory. As taxpayers into one of the best public healthcare systems we deserve the same

Enjoy the read. It is a departure from what you would normally expect from our pages and vital for all of us to fully understand the state of the union for our hospitals.

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Ken Stewart, Managing Director – The DRIVE Magazine