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Local Food

Author: The Drive Magazine
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3 years ago
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Student Essay by Jesse Lucier  

Jesse Lucier
Jesse Lucier

Many people don’t realize it but there is a large variety of locally grown food that is easily accessible. When we think of locally grown food we think of fruits and vegetables but there are also locally grown eggs and dairy products. You can find these products at your grocery store, markets, and even at stands on the side of the road. Buying locally grown foods benefits our economy, helps the environment, and they are better for you.

The local economy is important no matter where you live and buying local foods can support the economy in more ways than one. Buying local foods helps our economy by creating jobs at the farms and distribution centers. Buying local foods gives more money back to the farmers, allowing them to hire more help and expand their farms. In addition to supporting the farmers and creating more jobs, buying local foods is often cheaper than buying food that has been shipped in from other countries or communities. When you buy products that are not locally produced you are also paying for the transportation fee which is included in the price of the product. Finally, due to the lower price of local food, people with lower incomes can afford good quality food and save money.

The environmental benefits to buying local are often overlooked but they are significant. Buying local foods means the food is not travelling far from where it is grown. This means that less fuel is used, and fewer greenhouse gases are produced while transporting the food. Next, buying local food encourages diversification of the local agriculture. Diversification of agriculture is important because crop rotation helps naturally return nutrients to the soil. Finally, growing foods locally improves our “natural air filter”. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, therefore, giving us better air quality.

On top of helping the environment and local economy, you will be helping yourself. Locally grown foods are better for you than the processed foods shipped in from other places. They are better for you because they require little to no preservatives, the food is fresh, and it tastes better. The locally grown food is fresher because it spends less time in transit, meaning it gets from the farm to your plate quicker. Next, locally grown foods require little to no preservatives because they can be put in the store and sold within a week of being produced. Finally, local foods taste better because they haven’t spoiled by the time they reach the grocery store. In conclusion, you can buy local foods at grocery stores, markets, and stands.  Buying local foods helps the environment by giving us cleaner air and it produces less greenhouse gas. It helps the local economy by supporting farmers and creating jobs. Finally, local foods are healthier and taste better than foods that have been shipped in from other places. This is why you should buy local foods and feel good because of it.

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