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50 Ways to Calm Your Nervous System

“Set peace as your highest goal and organize your life around it.”
Author: Dr. Andrea Dinardo
1 year ago
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  1. Light a candle. Notice the flicker of the flame.
  2. Open a window.
  3. Breathe in fresh air.
  4. Watch the trees sway in the breeze.
  5. Record last night’s dreams in a journal.
  6. Dance to a song from your teenage years.
  7. Belt out showtunes in the shower.
  8. Burn some incense. Observe the smoke bend and flow.
  9. Listen to spa music.
  10. Write a love letter to yourself.
  11. Lay on the ground, close your eyes, feel the weight of gravity.
  12. Before going to bed, step out your front door, count seven stars.
  13. Forgive someone from your past.
  14. Forgive yourself.
  15. Smile while reading this sentence.
  16. Dim a lightbulb.
  17. Lie still under a pile of cozy blankets.
  18. Wear your favourite colour on Mondays.
  19. Bake a cake from scratch.
  20. Call your best friend and ask what they admire about you.
  21. Call a friend and tell them what you admire about them.
  22. Lean back and let the universe take over. If only for one day.
  23. Notice the colour blue in every room you walk into today.
  24. Turn off technology for eight hours straight on the fifteenth of every month.
  25. Write your name using your non-dominant hand.
  26. Drive home a different way from work.
  27. Take a bath in Epson salts.
  28. Organize a drawer.
  29. Put your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your belly.
  30. Stretch your arms up.
  31. Watch the sunrise.
  32. Hug a tree and count to ten.
  33. Watch your favourite movie.
  34. Count your blessings.
  35. Count your blessings twice.
  36. Call up an old friend.
  37. Turn off the news.
  38. Read a book.
  39. Doodle on a sketch pad.
  40. Pray.
  41. Laugh with young kids.
  42. Stroll down a street you have never been on.
  43. Notice the colour red in the room that you are in.
  44. Celebrate today as if it were your first.
  45. Honour tonight as if it were your last.
  46. Play euchre with old friends.
  47. Go for a long drive to nowhere.
  48. Jump on a swing in a nearby park. Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness.
  49. Walk around the block. Twice.
  50. Be here now. Let love in.

Dr. Andrea Dinardo is a psychology professor and keynote speaker with expertise in stress, resilience, and mental health. Visit DrAndreaDinardo.com to learn more about her speaking services and leadership programs.

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