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You told us about your Christmas traditions and we share them

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4 years ago
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Getting the Christmas Eve box that has Christmas pyjamas, hot chocolate, and marshmallows, and watching Christmas movies while tracking Santa.

— Samantha Toff

I used to sit with my kids and string popcorn and cranberries for the tree.

— Janet Johnston

Everything, it’s Christmas!

— Linda Laine

Decorating the tree.

—Pam Brown

Watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation while wrapping presents.

— Jen Brignall-Strong

Getting the tree up as early as I can and leaving it up as long as I can. I love everything Christmas.

—Cynthia Killoran

Our tradition is to cook breakfast for all the grandchildren on Christmas morning. We gather all the required ingredients and head out Christmas morning to one of our daughters’ homes and get the grill going. This year we have two new additions to the family—London and Leadonis. Merry Christmas indeed!

—Keith Rivard

A few years ago my parents wanted to change things up on Christmas Day and came up with the ideas of distributing gifts in a new way. They introduced the “auction” of presents: they got some fake money for each of the family members (divided by siblings’ families), and we started bidding on a brown bag with no idea what was in it. There is always something for everyone (the auctioneer sometimes manipulated the bidding to make sure the gift goes to the appropriate person) and there are usually a few very random things we end up with as well. It’s always good for a laugh and the kids love it.


The entire family packs up to spend the night at the grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve. There is not enough room to now house what used to be a family of six but after marriages and kids, well… it’s not the best night’s sleep but the chaos in the morning—the kids’ excitement and the joy my parents have watching their grandkids on Christmas morning—is better than any gift you can give someone.


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