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Danielle Nicholson: ART WITH HEART

Let’s talk art and my top five must-haves.
Author: Danielle Nicholson
6 years ago
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I have seen a change in art over the years and recently it’s made a shift towards sophistication. Whatever your interior style, be inspired by the hottest art trends that not only complement your personal style, but make it pop.

asymmetrical florals

Asymmetrical Florals

I’m sure you have noticed that florals are back in a big way! In everything from housewares, wallpaper and fashion, they are everywhere. So obviously this romantic oversized floral had to be one of my selections. Inspired by Dutch still-lifes of the early 1600s, the blush tones against inky blacks coordinate with a contemporary palette to make this piece a perfect choice!

female imagery

Female Imagery

With female empowerment being at the forefront of our culture, we are seeing the powerful presence of the Time’s Up movement all around us, including in our art. I love this piece because it speaks volumes—it has a real masculine/feminine feel to it. All of the hard stone elements representing the strength of a woman are given the softest edge with the impactful yet transparent woman’s face. Each of us will take away something different from this piece but you definitely can’t look at it without question or interest!



Who wouldn’t love to be gazing over these beautiful Parisian rooftops? With minimal colour, this photograph speaks volumes through its detail and that’s all you need. One of my favourite stunning minimal pieces that speaks for itself.

natural imperfection

Natural Imperfection

Looking to add a pop of colour to your space? The use of colour is done so well in this watercolour print. I’m intrigued by the combination of colour and style. Using colour that we don’t typically see anywhere other than a child’s theme print, combined with gold accents and framing, exudes pure sophistication.



If it’s a clean retro contemporary look you are going for then I would suggest an acrylic. Acrylic prints give the illusion of a photograph floating on glass. I love the simplicity and sophistication. This photograph takes your mind to a relaxing calm place without being too literal.

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