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Unleash Your Inner Creative: 7 Inspiring Hobbies that you can have in Windsor-Essex

A great list of 7 Inspiring hobby ideas and places to check out in Windsor-Essex.
Author: Paula Just
2 weeks ago
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I only realized the magic of hobbies once I had one. Currently, my hobbies are reading, sports, and puzzles. When immersed in one of these, it’s like my brain hits the “pause” button on adulting.
Trust me, they’re the secret sauce to a happy life. Why, you ask? Because, unlike our daily grind of work and studies, hobbies are like dessert – totally optional and utterly delightful. They guarantee a slice of fun and relaxation amidst the chaos of everyday life. To help you find your own slice of happiness, I’ve put together some hobby ideas and places to check out in Windsor-Essex, especially during these sunny summer months.

1. Fishing

Fishing is a blast, offering zen-like moments of peace and relaxation in the great outdoors, whether you’re solo or with your crew. Surrounded by rivers, Windsor-Essex is a fishing paradise waiting to be explored.


  • Big Creek Conservation Area
  • Detroit River
  • Lake St. Clair
  • Lake Erie
  • Cedar Creek

Reminder: You need a license to fish in the city, which can be obtained on Ontario’s government website.

2. Craftsmanship

Diving into craft projects like knitting, ceramics, embroidery, pottery, clay, or painting is like giving your hands a gym workout and your mind a chill pill all at once. It’s a fun way to boost your fine motor skills and focus while creating cool pieces.


  • You can book crafty fun at Sketch Pottery & Clay, which hosts workshops at Urban Surf Co.
    Find them at 55 E Pike Creek Rd, Tecumseh, Windsor, and don’t forget to stalk them on Instagram.
  • Ford City Potters also offers multi-week pottery classes, one-hour drop-ins, special workshops, and monthly memberships—suitable for beginners (kids and adults) as well as seasoned potters looking for a place to perfect their craft. Visit them at 994 Drouillard Rd, Windsor, and follow them on Instagram for all their available classes.
  • If you’re into painting, slime, or bracelet-making, The Art Lab in downtown Windsor has you covered. Swing by 894 Ottawa St, Windsor, and give them a follow on Instagram to keep up with all the artsy shenanigans.

3. Reading

Many folks think this hobby is trickier than it is, but here’s a pro tip: read about stuff that excites you. Reading gives your brain a workout and a boost, and it’s also like a mini-vacation from stress.


You can find every kind of book at Juniper Books, the most fantastic bookstore I’ve ever seen. The place has three floors filled with books. Visit them at 1990 Ottawa Street, Windsor, and follow them on Instagram.

Reminder: The city has several public libraries where you can borrow countless books for free. Also, many neighborhoods around the city have Little Free Libraries. Read this article about how the Little Free Library organization boosts literacy and community involvement.

4. Outdoor Exercise

Summer is prime time to get your game on outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and those glorious long days. Plus, it’s basically a free ticket to better health. Top picks for sports hobbies? Think golf, biking, kayaking, tennis, running, and hiking.


For tennis, I recommend Parkside Tennis Club, which offers classes, clinics, and court rentals. They are located at 6 Memorial Dr, next to Jackson Park, in Windsor, and you can follow them on Instagram.
Pro tip: you can also purchase seasonal key access in the communities and play in the public courts. The keys are very inexpensive.

Hiking also combines physical exercise with exploring stunning natural landscapes. Check out our article on the Top 5 trails for hiking in Windsor-Essex.

5. Playing Instruments

Music is like a magic stress-buster, melting away anxiety and bringing on the chill vibes – plus, it’s a blast to create your own tunes!


South Windsor School of Music has been providing the city with quality private music education in Windsor for over 20 years. The school is located in Yorktown Plaza at the central intersection of Dominion & Grand Marais in South Windsor. Check out their private sessions and follow them on Instagram.

6. Cooking

Cooking is a fantastic hobby for mental health, mixing creativity and focus into one deliciously therapeutic activity. You can find recipes online or take cooking classes. 
  • Check out the Windor-Essex County Health Unit for their web series of free videos to help you get comfortable in the kitchen and learn new food skills. You can access it here.
  • St. Clair College offers many paid workshops. Next month, it will start a new course ‘Exploring Baking’. You can register here. 

7. Volunteering

Helping others gives you a strong sense of purpose and a nice dose of personal satisfaction. Volunteering in your free time is a fantastic hobby that boosts your mood and happiness levels. In Windsor-Essex, many organizations are doing good and helping people in all sorts of ways. 


  • Windsor-Essex Therapeutic Riding Association (Wetra) volunteers are the program’s backbone. They help with many tasks, such as sidewalking, leading, farm-related chores, cleaning, painting, and fundraising. Volunteers also help support the riders emotionally and physically. Check them out on Instagram
  • The Hospice Of Windsor & Essex County offers many ways to volunteer in areas such as patient care, Hospice Residences, special events, or administrative support. Follow them on Instagram
  • Ronald McDonald House is always looking for compassionate individuals to bring comfort to families. You can learn how to help here. You can also support them on Instagram.

Are you planning on taking up a new hobby or visiting these places? Tag @TheDRIVEmag in your posts!  

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