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Firescapes: The Hottest, Coolest Landscaping Feature

Exchange balmy summer nights for crisp autumn evenings — the al fresco fun continues around the fire
Author: Katrina Manzocco
4 years ago
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The heat of summer may be behind us, but there’s no reason for us to be heading inside and away from our favourite backyard hangout.

Well-designed landscaping is the key to enjoying our yards beyond just summer months, and transitioning outdoor spaces for multi-season use begins with selecting the right features—from the perspective of both fashion and function.

Autumn’s gorgeous changing colours and cooler weather make for ideal outdoor lounging conditions, and its darker nights make it an intuitive time to seek out warmth and comfort. It’s the perfect opportunity to linger a little longer and a little later with close friends and great conversations around a firescape.

48’ Round Fire Pit by Plank & Hide Co., available from LFX Supply Centre

Instinctually, many of us are drawn to a hearth—there’s a good reason why they’re a focal point of living rooms everywhere. Including one as part of your outdoor décor is a clever way to ensure your outdoor space is warm and inviting, even after the last throes of summer have left us.

The perfect anchoring piece to an outdoor entertaining area, firescapes (also known as fire features), add visual interest, ambiance, and functional coziness—a simple yet chic way to enhance your landscaping. Complemented by a glass of wine (or hot beverage), your favourite sweater, and a knitted throw blanket, a firescape is the perfect addition for those who want to keep on hosting in the great outdoors and make the most of their space through the seasons.

As the most fall-worthy design element, firescapes come in a number of shapes, sizes, and fuel options and can blend seamlessly into your outdoor design aesthetic for a timeless feel.

Most firescapes are fuelled by wood, natural gas, or propane, and while wood-burning options have an authentic feel, the smoke they produce can be an issue to those with sensitivities, and some cities (including Windsor) have a bylaw prohibiting their use. On the other hand, gas or propane firescapes offer a clean flame with the luxury of not having to dodge smoke or source wood and are available with the use of propane tanks or a natural gas line.

42’ Square Functional Fire Pit by Plank & Hide Co., available at LFX Supply Centre.

Offered in a number of sleek designs, firescapes come in both standard and functional options. Standard features offer a traditional take on a firepit, coming in rounded, square, and rectangular options—which can be small enough to suit a tabletop or large enough to command an open space. A functional firescape is ideal for those who are looking to streamline their outdoor spaces with dual-use pieces. As the functional feature acts as a table that can easily transition into a firescape, it’s a natural choice to gather around and enjoy while entertaining or relaxing with family.

Ready make your outdoor space fall-worthy? Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast looking for your next project, want to learn how make the most of your outdoor space, or would like a team to help bring your ideas to life, Landscape FX has you covered. For design and landscaping inspiration, and to learn more about firescape options, visit their website and follow them on Instagram @LandscapeFX.

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